• Re-balance With Acupressure Reflexology


    Target Audience

    Health practitioners, health care therapists and indviduals interested in developing skills in holistic health management.

    Workshop Facilitator

    Dr. Suchada Marwah

    Dates and Timings for the Next Class:  

    May  11- 15  from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm at AYU Center

    Last date for enrolment is 4 May 2015.

    Course Outline

    Acupressure is a safe and effective way to promote and maintain good health. Practiced as early as 2300 BC in Egypt, it is a simple method of stimulating reflex points on the feet, hands, stomach and ears that relate to and affect the structure and functions of various organs, glands and nerves in the human body. Stimulating these points can very effectively help the body re-balance itself, without side-effects. Upon completion of the workshop, a certificate from International Research Center Of Natural Sciences (IRCNS) is awarded.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduces you to more than 47 important reflex points on the feet, hand and abdomen
    • Their benefits, their relation to the various organs, glands and nerves in the body, and
    • Techniques applied for stimulating or treating a point.
    • Introduction to physiology of all nine systems of the body
    • Placing emphasis on correct hand and finger placement, amount of pressure applied and rhythmic breathing during practical sessions.

    Fee : 

    USD 450/- per person 

    Optional  Package 

     1. Ayurvedic Meal  : USD 7/- per meal

    Healthy meal set including organic brown rice, vegetables, curry, herbal tea and nutritious dessert. 

    2. Shuttle : USD 12/-  ( per round trip within 15 kms radius of AYU Center) 

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  • This was first class treatment delivered by a dedicated team.   

    The herbal oil treatments were wonderful but there was so much more to the programme than the physical aspect.  I learned about my doshas and how to re-balance them, and how that helps bring balance in life.  In fact, I learned a great deal about the science of ayurveda and am immensely grateful to Rajeev and Suchada for their expertise and understanding.

    Susan Robinson

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