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Our Story

AYU Center operates under the flagship of International Research Center of Natural Sciences (IRCNS) co-founded by Dr. Rajeev Marwah and Dr. Suchada Marwah in 1999. They  provide essential and natural health care based on practical and effective methods.
Together, they have  successfully treated conditions such as insomnia, migraine, hypertension, allergies, constipation, fatigue, jet lag, swelling, and joint conditions, among others, with completely natural methods, free from harmful side effects. 


They have also conduted several training programs as well as developed a wide range of certified natural products for leading international wellness resorts, such as the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Six Senses, Mandara Group of Spas , Anantara, Kempinski, JW Marriott, and Chiva-Som.

Meet us in person

“We have helped many people achieve good health over the last 12 years. We work on a person based system of healing integrating more than one healing system when necessary.”
Dr. Rajeev Marwah

Dr. Rajeev Marwah is an internationally renowned health practitioner with extensive research and experience in Ayurveda and Holistic Healing Sciences. He has treated several chronic cases for dignitaries and Royalty, earning him many awards for excellence and wellness innovation.

The Indian Board of Alternative Medicine appointed him as Honorary Advisor in October 2003.

In 2003, he was appointed President of the first Worldwide Holistic Healing Seminar (WHHS) , in Chiangmai, Thailand. The event featured health experts from over 20 countries and was open to public participation. This earned him recognition and the Department for Traditional Thai and Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand appointed Dr. Rajeev as its first Ayurvedic Consultant .

In 2009, he was again appointed President of the second WHHS in Chiangmai.
Dr. Rajeev was credited with the Voluntary Service Award by President Obama in 2010 for his contribution to holistic medicine.

A good educator is one who inspires others to improve over yesterday.
Dr. Suchada Marwah

Suchada is a passionate educator, specializing in Ayurveda, Spiritual and Holistic Healing Sciences. In the past two decades, she has conducted several trainings and educational programs for renowned international wellness resorts like Mandarin Oriental, Chiva Som, Four Seasons, Anantara among others. She is also very experienced in treating chronic health conditions and has created a range of wholesome, nourishing and personalised food recipes for her clients. She is well versed in Vedic Astrology and uses it as an important tool to help people find their uniqueness.

Dr. Zeljko Milovanovic review for Rajeev Suchada AYU Center

Dr. Zeljko Milovanovic MD - San Francisco, California AYU Detox Program April 16, 2014

I will never forget when Dr. Rajeev stated at our first intake appointment - "We will try to make this the best week of your life" - well the 1 week treatment at the Ayu Center sure lived up to its promise; I came with the main expectation to improve my physical well being; little did I know that in 1 week I would leave as a completely rejuvenated and reconnected person on all levels of being; it is over 1 year now and I still feel the benefits from my healing that occurred during that time. I was truly impressed how Dr. Rajeev and Dr. Suchada are able to gently open the door to self healing; on top of that their ancillary staff is extremely proficient in the traditional methods. Being an integrative health professional myself I learned a lot about the ever evolving Ayurvedic medicine and certainly enjoyed AYU Center's highest standards. I am really looking forward to coming back! Thank you Rajeev and Suchada.