Akbar Hamid’s experience at AYU Center



On recommendation from a trusted friend, I went to the Ayu Centre in Chiang Mai, Thai-
land and the attention of Dr Rajeev. This centre specialises in Ayurvedic treatment, the
traditional system of medicine of India. The aims of Ayurveda are to treat body, mind,
and spirit using a holistic approach.

Personal history…

I am a believer of western medicine and have been adhering to my daily medication for
years. I have no issues going to my GP and specialists. I am very proactive about my
healthcare. In fact I think it is largely due to this that I have avoided almost certain heart
attacks by closely monitoring my heart with regular check ups, blood tests, scans, MRIs
and when necessary angiograms.

Recently my health problems have just started mounting up with no positive outcomes in
sight. I have been suffering from various heart problems (5 years) [aortic stenosis, hyper-
tension, clogged arteries which now have 4 stents and an aortic aneurysm], cervical
spondylosis (3 years) (NB this is like sciatica but in the arms) and a very painful right ankle
(9 months) which is the product of a break from a scooter accident 8 years ago. X-rays
and an MRI last year had shown that the ankle had not fully healed and there was still a
hairline fracture and joint issues.

Most regular doctors were saying that my heart problems were the main concern. I had to
stop playing sports. My neck spine and ankle needed rehabilitation, weekly physio visits
and maybe some injections of cortisone. The distinct lack of progress just got me down.

Last year my health started to spiral downwards.

I have been suffering from heart problems (5 years), cervical spondylosis (3 years) (like
sciatica but in the arms). This had already put paid to my squash career but a very painful
right ankle (9 months ago) from a scooter accident 8 years ago really started to get me

I had a heated discussion with an English GP who told me that certain things are untreat-
able, part of ageing (I am 54) and I should just accept my lot.

Thankfully I live and work in France and the French health system did not hang me out to
dry, or wilt. I had to wait but got treatments for my heart (2 angioplasties), cervical spine
(rehabilitation) and ankle (infiltration injections). All these operations and treatments how-
ever did not make much of a difference.

In Europe with each health problem being addressed by different specialists, none of
whom seemed to care or know how one treatment would impinge on another, the
Ayurvedic approach just made sense. It is a one stop shop. I was ripe to try new avenues.

Check up and diagnosis

On arrival Dr Rajeev asked me to write down my detailed health history, not simply about
my health but about but all major events, traumas etc, mental emotional and physical. I
was then presented with an enormous ‘list of symptoms’ questionnaire (everything imagin-
able from headaches, to constipation, to anxiety etc) with multiple choice options of ‘never,
‘sometimes’ or ‘always’ to each symptom listed.

Dr Rajeev was then able to pinpoint the causes of my overall health rather than specific
issues. His diagnosis took account of every thing that has happened and happens to us.

However Dr Rajeev said it was my failing central nervous system and one main nerve in
particular that was behind my decline in health, on all fronts. And that my heart operations
had made me even weaker. As an active chap and sportsman who could no longer play
sport or move easily, I was mostly interested in getting my ankle ‘fixed’. He said that the
ankle would improve at the end of the treatment as the healing could only begin after the
nervous system was working efficiently again. That did not fill me with great hope but I was
at my wit’s end about my overall health and wanted, needed to believe in something. I
needed to feel hopeful again rather that resigned about my health.

The Programme of treatment

Dr Rajeev then devised an 8-day treatment programme. His wealth of knowledge and ex-
perience came up with the programme and its length. He did mention that 2-3 days extra
could be added, if I had the time and resources, to really focus on the legs.

Holistic is a word that is overused and often inappropriately. This treatment was holistic in
that, Dr Rajeev also did regular ‘counselling’ sessions throughout the course of the treat-
ment to ascertain my way of thinking, my way of behaving and my eating habits. The ob-
jective was to learn to ‘detox’ mind, body and soul.


We had many informal and formal conversations and he gave advice to improve my men-
tal and emotional health in tandem with my physical health. He said that the treatment
would be a complete reboot, not only a physical one.

losing energy
identifying and plugging the ‘holes’
reconnecting with my essence
Mantras – letting go…

Marma sessions

My ayurvedic treatment was a combination of Marma sessions ad energy balance ses-
sions plus counselling sessions about nutrition, emotional and mental detoxing as well as
the Pre- and post detox (flushing of toxins) counselling.

In plain English Marma sessions use massages of the whole body using oil infused with
herbs often using a ‘potalis’ which is a herbal heat compress. This enables the toxins and
problem points (“marma” points) to be ‘loosened up’

Energy Balance sessions
Energy balance sessions were more physical treatment done by Dr Rajeev himself.

As he has identified the problem points from the full check up (day 1), he did short but very
painful sessions to further break up the toxin deposits in the body before a 2-hour
ayurvedic massage session. I feel fortunate that I can withstand pain as this accelerates
the treatment.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Ayurvedic treatment can be done pain-free for those who wish to
avoid pain. The treatment simply takes longer as the herb/oil and massage is used to
achieve the same thing over a longer period.

My faster rate of treatment I think could be summed up by PREPARATION-PAIN-PREPARA-
TION combination. The “preparation” refers to the whole body being prepared for the flush-
ing out of toxins. “Pain” (optional) refers to the painful breaking up of toxic deposits which
can be carried out by the Doctor himself.

Day 3 I started with this combination I had the toes and shoulder blades worked so as to
break up the toxins deposited there. Excruciating!

Imagine a pain of 5 out of 10 being a pleasant respite from many moments of pain ranging
from 8to 10 (on the 0-10 scale). The fact that I believed in the treatment enabled me to
more easily handle the pain. If pain is not your thing, then the treatment can be done with
massage and oils (in reservoirs herb and oil on the “marma” points) but the treatment will
take longer, maybe 1.5 to 2 times as long on average.

After the toes came the scapular DEEP manipulation. The precision with which Dr R finds
the problem areas and so often the excruciating pain is uncanny. Whether you believe or
not, the mere fact that he can put his finger on your body and gently apply pressure result-
ing in extreme pain and discomfort told me he was onto something. In my opinion, pain is
the body’s way of telling us something is not right.

Then day two of pain, my main issue being a dysfunctional main nerve, had the nerve
worked from scapula to ear to eye. He deeply massages the ares around the nerve which
passes from eyes to ears to neck and then scapula.

The last day of pain was 30 minutes of using a brass stick to find calcification and pressing
into it. They feeling is of being cut but the skin was never broken. The end result is that
calcium deposits are broken down and also acid is secreted from these toxic points.

After all this, the body and whole system is ready for cleansing.

You start by not eating from 2 pm and taking 200 ml of juices (pre-prepared) every 2
hours until the special 300 ml of liver cleanse juice mix. Then sleep 8 hours and then two
more doses at 6am and 8am.

The treatment affects everyone in different ways. I found after a couple of days my sleep
was disturbed but I just embraced this as part of the journey and it felt less energy-sapping
as a result.

Each time you add honey to keep sugar levels up and hydrate by sipping water slowly.

The toilet visits are recorded by photos for the Doctor. It was surreal as what I produced
changed exactly as the good Doctor had said which reflected what kind of toxins and
where those toxins were coming from.

It is important after the liver cleansing juice that you lie on your back or ON YOUR RIGHT
when you sleep. I did that and it seems to have flushed out a lot of my loosened toxins.


I now feel light, alert, happier and almost high!

I have just completed 8 days and feel like a new man. My ankle has healed and there is no
pain but I am still wary that this may not last. It is now 3 weeks on and I have played tennis
twice on the ankle with no problem. Fingers crossed this means I am able to restart my
sporting pursuits slowly but surely.

I came to sort out my neck and ankle. Although no work has been done directly on those
areas, both feel much better. The ankle pain I have had for 8 months has gone , exactly as
Dr Rajeev had explained during the check up. These areas were not healing as they were
not receiving the blood and help needed due to blockages and so on.

Now unblocked the whole body, mind and soul are soaring as they are being nourished.
Not only physically but mentally and more I am healing and becoming ‘healthier’.

A lot of counselling focused on identifying what makes me lose energy. Dr Rajeev said “it
is like we become a bowl with holes and we need to plug those holes and keep the bowl
full of energy”. I also brought up my disturbing nightmares which he got me to ‘decode’.
Strangely the whole shift of focus on the loss of energy seem to impact favourably on my
nightmares. As i write I am becoming aware that i have not had those hideous nightmares
since we spoke.

Now for me it is maintenance and annual cleanses which apparently will leave me looking
5 years younger so I am looking forward to my forties once more.

And let us not forget the main gain is that I can walk and am back playing sports. Yeah!!
Now to get fit and more importantly feel optimistic and upbeat about the future.

It was as a last resort after western medicine had failed to heal me. That said I still believe
in using all kinds of medicine. The key thing is to have an open mind and let the healer and
healing have a chance to work.

Regrets are pointless but I do wish i had used ayurvedic approach before. That said I am
grateful and aware that western approaches have helped me avoid heart attacks. Now I
intend to make use of both systems to keep me at my optimum level.

I am definitely leaning towards ayurveda for my future health treatment, that includes my
heart problems and spinal issues.

Thank you Dr Rajeev and the Ayu Centre.


So after the check up and 2 days of treatment in December and this 8-day programme it
has cost me 112,500 baht = £3000 or 3500 euros (11 days) plus all travel and accommo-
dation in Chiang Mai etc.

For me it was well worth it and I am grateful that i could afford. Now to maintain the im- provements and visit Dr Rajeev annually to consolidate the progress I have made health wise.


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