Dosha Re-balance Program

AYU Recharge program reflects the importance of a balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind and spirit in order to achieve robust health. We understand that your sensitivity to various factors like food, climatic changes, air pollution, noise, electromagnetic influences etc. is different from another person. Your emotional responses to different life situations will also be different. Your therapies  are personalized to reflect this uniqueness.

In the AYU Recharge program we treat 4 major energy centers in the body, namely, lower back, neck, stomach and chest using 300 ml of finest quality transdermal oils and freshly prepared rice, milk and herbal potalis or boluses. Therapies include marma therapy, pulse point balancing, acupressure, hook in back up, spinal flush, palm pressure, kneading among others. 


The minimum suggested duration for this program is 4 days.

You are introduced to the concept of “Doshas” or operational energies within you that influence your health and well being. 

Literally translated DOSHAS are that which can go “wrong”. They are operational energies within each individual.Each of you is a unique combination of these energies. If  doshas are operating in a healthy balance, you enjoy good health, energy and vitality. However, due to several reasons, doshas can get out of balance, resulting in loss of energy and health disorders. Some factors causing Doshas to get imbalanced are : 

  Improper diet

  Mental stress

  Lack of or excessive exercise

  Lack of rest

  Environmental pollution

  Exposure to electromagnetic influences etc.

Since every individual is unique, it is important to know what changes we need to make in our diets and lifestyle to get our vitality and freedom from disease. The aim of AYU Recharge or Dosha Balance Program is  to help you re-connect to your uniqueness.The program starts with an extensive health check and consultation with Dr. Rajeev Marwah or Dr. Suchada Marwah. You will know more about your dosha type and identify your areas of weakness.

Additionally, there are four intensive 120 minute sessions to work on 4 major energy centers in your body namely stomach, lower back, neck and chest. Using hot oils, herbs and fresh boluses on these important areas elicits a deeply rejuvenating response from the body’s nervous system.Treatment rhythm and technique, herbs and oils used are all personalised to help re-balance your dosha to its “happy” state.


  • Greater flexibility and mobility of joints,
  • Improved sleep quality,
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Sense of clarity and harmony.

AYU Recharge program is ideal for people who need to get back their vigor and vitality to handle a hectic work schedule as well as managing with change in their life.

We work closely with participating hotels and resorts to offer the best prices for accommodation and meals during your stay. 

We are pleased to offer a complimentary return transfer service (up to 15 km) to and from your hotel, resort, or home to our center on a daily basis during your program.  Transfers for greater distances may be arranged, when required.


  • 90 minutes Health Check and Consultation
  • 90 minutes Back Marma therapy
  • 90 minutes Stomach Marma therapy
  • 90 minutes Chest Marma therapy
  • 90 minutes Neck Marma therapy
  • 30 minutes Shiro nasya treatment x 2 sessions
  • 30 minutes Shirodhara treatment x 2 sessions
  • Special Health Magnets
  • Daily Herbal Teas
  • Daily nutritious and wholesome AYU set lunch
  • Daily round trip shuttle within 15 kms radius of AYU Center

Cost : THB 37,500

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Aksinya review for Rajeev Suchada AYU Center

Thank you for the caring and thoughtful service that you show your patients – it means so much.

Aksinya AYU Recharge Program August 13, 2015

Rajeev Suchada and Team,

When I found your clinic I had very little hope that I would feel better, but after the wonderful treatment I can say that I am better and am looking forward to my future! Thank you for the caring and thoughtful service that you show your patients - it means so much. I really appreciate that you were kind enough to help me financially - may God bless you and every staff member in your clinic.

With a thankful heart, Aksinya



Sharon Hart review for Rajeev Suchada AYU Center

The Ayu specialized treatment program for a month and a half my energy and vitality increased 75%

Sharon Hart Co-Founder of Coherent Coaching Institute AYU Total Rejuvenation Program April 16, 2014

I came to Chiang Mai with my entire family, for all of us to do the Ayurveda treatment program with Dr. Rajeev in November of 2013.  My energy and vitality were so low that I had to fly to three separate cities from the U.S. because I could not make the 20 hour direct flight to Bangkok and then Chiang Mai. I also suffered from a severe balance disorder, with symptoms of chronic fatigue and Continue Reading