Modern day lifestyle compels people to sit most of the time in their offices, while commuting and even while watching television. Over exertion of backbone and hip muscles can be very painful. Some of the very common diseases such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, and sciatica pain can also cause severe back pain. At AYU , we provide best back pain treatment program through naturally effective and safe methods.

Back pain treatment sessions are 120 minutes long. Depending upon the severity of the health condition a total treatment plan is suggested in consultation with you for lasting relief and rejuvenation.

  • Sciatica pain – pain in hip & outer side of leg 
  • Strain – injury by over exertion 
  • Lower back or lumbar pain
  • Herniated disk – pain in spine due to tear in disc 
  • Arthritis in back – painful stiffness & inflammation 
  • Spinal stenosis – spinal degeneration 
  • Kidney pain 

Psychological symptoms that could lead to chronic back pain conditions are as follows :

  • Identity crisis
  • Self doubt
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of self expression
  • Frustration 



  • Strengthening the weak muscles on the Pelvic floor, focusing on Glutenus Medius, Glutenus Maximus, Piriformis, Sartorius, Gracilis and Teres Minor muscle group. 
  • Increasing blood circulation in the pelvic region and spinal column by the use of herbs and oils. This increases flexibility, strength and mobility of the spine
  • Use of freshly prepared herbal potalis infused with rice grains, herbs, and milk for spinal rejuvenation
  • Full body and head treatment employing effective techniques like marma point therapy, spinal flush, kneading, palm pressure etc.
  • Special spinal adjustment and body alignment sessions starting from the feet, knee, hip and neck
  • Marma basti sessions with hot oil focus on major energy centers of the back (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) , sternum (chest), stomach and knees.
  • Working on marma pulse points in the head region for balance


This depends primarily on the nature of the health condition and person’s age,  Prior to the start of your treatments, a comprehensive  health examination and consultation with an experienced specialist  is required. Based on the health check, the specialist will create your treatment program.

Back or Sciatica Program is organized into treatment sessions. There are mainly three types of sessions. 

1. 90 minutes Complete Health Check = THB 7,500 ( approx. USD 225) per session. This is conducted once during the program.
2. 120 minutes AYU treatment sessions  = THB 7,500 per session. 
3.  30 minutes Advanced Spinal Adjustment Sessions = THB 5,500 per session. This type of session is normally conducted every 4th day of the treatment.

  • Health Check : 90 minutes x 1 session
  • Marma Treatments with hot oil and herbal boluses : 120 minutes x 4 sessions
  • Advanced Spinal adjustment Session : 30 min x 1 session
  • Use of high powered magnets


COST : THB 43,000/-

Complimentary herbal teas and health refreshments

Complimentary shuttle service to and from AYU center within 15 kms radius.