Can anemia cause weight gain?

What is Anemia?

In Ayurveda, anemia is called ‘pallor disease’. There is a deficiency of blood, in quantity or quality. Anemia is usually caused by bile entering into and thinning the blood.

Why does it occur?

The causes of anemia are mainly wrong diet – eating excessive pungent, sour and salty food. It may also occur due to liver disorders, which impair the liver’s ability to build up the blood.

What can it lead to?

Depending on your unique, Dosha” or body-mind type. You may experience some of the following symptoms:


Dry skin with darkish tinge, anxiety, tremors, insomnia, constipation and possible dehydration.


Burning sensation, fever and thirst, yellowish skin texture.


Excess mucus blocking proper digestion and thinning the blood giving a pale skin color. Urine is noticeably white, excess phlegm and salivation, edema or water retention, often overweight, excess sleeping and heaviness of the limbs.

Beneficial Food for Treating Anemia

  • Red meat, bone soups, dairy products, mung beans, almonds and black sesame seeds.
  • Juice of pomegranate or black grapes.
  • Jaggery and molasses are beneficial.

 Our experience in treating patients with anemia

“We have had several patients tell us that they are currently experiencing insomnia, indigestion, low immunity, and weight gain among others. Some of them were on medication for it, others had tried various treatments to cure these health conditions. Few of them knew that they were anemic for a long time. They also never realised that this could be the core issue leading to all the symptoms mentioned above. Most common understanding is that you loose weight and feel tired when anemic. However, it is not that simple. Here are some case studies.
We have treated patients for RLS (restless leg syndrome). These patients also had insomnia, fatigue, drowsiness and cramps. On closer examination, we could see that they had been anemic for over 10 years and never really thought about treating it.
Iron deficiency in the body, one of the important causes for anemia, can be caused by stomach inflammation due to bacterial infection and mal-absorption by small intestine. Physically this may “show up” as IBS or irritable bowel syndrome.
A less obvious cause of anemia, that one may overlook, would be excessive sexual indulgence which can deplete and weaken bodily fluids, Symptoms would be allergies, skin issues and grogginess even after a restful night. Health supplements and energy booster shakes can give only temporary relief. 
Oxidative stress caused from a hectic lifestyle is also an important trigger for aggravating anemia.
So here comes the important question : how does one treat anemia or more important, by treating anemia does all the aforementioned conditions also disappear? 
We believe that once the core issue of a health disorder is identified, healing measures can be taken to bring the body back in equilibrium and the group of conditions surrounding it are also pacified or treated along with it. There are no quick fixes but with a total treatment plan inclusive of professional treatments, right nutrition and lifestyle, you can see lasting cure. 
In case of anemia our professional treatments would focus on strengthening the liver and spleen. We would work on the following, keeping in mind each person’s uniqueness and reflecting that in every aspect of our healing program. :
  • Strengthening various muscle groups like quadriceps and hamstring among others.
  • Re-balancing the stomach, spleen, urinary bladder, liver, gall bladder and kidney meridians. 
  • Increasing blood circulation in the knee, legs and pelvic region
  • Eliminating toxic salts naturally
  • Counseling sessions
  • Breathing exercises
  • Light and sound exercises
We have helped several anemic clients using this regimen. We look forward to helping many more achieve robust health, which is everyone’s birthright.”
———Drs. Rajeev and Suchada Marwah
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