Chest Pain Treatment at AYU
Effective cure for chest related health conditions
General information



Are you experiencing the following symptoms?


  • Stiff Shoulders
  • Stiffness of Arms & hands
  • Shallow breathing
  • Mid-back stiffness
  • Hardening of the chest muscles
  • Low immunity
  • High Cholesterol
  • Breast Cysts
  • Increased blood acidity
  • Swelling of face/neck/shoulders
  • Hypertension – High Blood pressure
  • Hypotension – Low blood pressure


Emotional and psychosomatic symptoms


  • Lack of Self Acceptance
  • Lack of Balance / Forgiveness
  • Lack of Hope / trust
  • Loneliness
  • Loss of faith
  • Fear of unknown
  • Dependence / bitterness
  • Judgmental
  • Overly loving / Smothering


How many treatment sessions are required?

This depends primarily on the nature of the health condition and person’s age,  Prior to the start of your treatments, a comprehensive  health examination and consultation with an experienced specialist  is required.

Based on the health check, the specialist will create your treatment program.

Chest  Treatment Program is organized into treatment sessions.

There are mainly three types of sessions. 

1. 90 minutes Complete Health Check = THB 7,500 ( approx. USD 225) per session. This is conducted once during the program.

2. 120 minutes AYU Marma treatment sessions  = THB 7,500 per session. 

3.  30 minutes Advanced Energy Balance Sessions = THB 5,500 per session. This type of session is normally conducted every 4th day of the treatment.


Health Check : 90 minutes x 1 session
Marma Treatment with hot oil and fresh herbal boluses : 120 minutes x 4 sessions
Advanced Energy Balance Sessions : 30 min x 1 session
High Powered Magnets
Complimentary herbal teas and health refreshments
Complimentary shuttle service to and from AYU center within 15 kms radius.

COST : THB 43,000/-