AYU Chronic Cures
The Total Rejuvenation Program
General information


AYU Chronic Cures Program treats chronic  health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, allergies, addiction, depression, constipation, insomnia, knee pain, cervical pain, hip pain, high blood pressure and post surgery rehabilitation that have a long duration. Chronic health conditions generally have a progressive nature that compels the patient to go on with heavy medication probably all through their life.  Chronic Health Conditions may also set in due to our prolonged exposure to Electro Magnetic Radiation or EMR.   We are exposed to high frequency EMR while using our mobile phones, laptop computers, microwave ovens, wifi routers. Other electrical appliances also emit EMR in lower frequency.If you start experiencing any or all of these symptoms like headaches, sensitive eyes, stiff neck and shoulders, earaches, craving for sweets and stimulants, constipation, anxiety and irritability, you will immensely benefit from AYU Chronic Cures program.

Chronic Cures Program Treats the following health conditions

ArthritisInfertilityNervous disorders
AllergiesInsomniaPost surgery rehabilitation
AddictionBlood pressureWeight management
DepressionDiabetesStress management
ConstipationMenstrual disorders
Program Objectives
Dhatu Pushti Chikitsa – to strengthen body tissues through herbal medicine.

Sroto Shodhan Chikitsa – to cleanse body channels of ama (toxins) so that the nutrient plasma could flow properly

Rasayana Chikitsa – to improve energy levels and maintain overall health

There are 3 types of sessions

1. 60-90 minutes CONSULTATION SESSIONS with a certified Doctor of ayurvedic Medicine. = THB 5,000 -7,500 per session.
This includes complete health check, personalised nutrition plan and life counseling.

2. 120 minutes AYU Marma treatment sessions = THB 7,500 per session.

This is inclusive of medicated oils, herbs, herbal boluses, high powered magnets.This is conducted daily and will be personalized based on your health needs. These sessions are conducted by a trained and experienced therapist under the supervision of the doctor.

3. 30 minute advanced energy balance sessions = THB 5,500 per session.

These sessions are conducted by a Dr. of Holistic Medicine , normally every 4th day of the treatmen and includes work on meridians and the spine.

We offer nutritious wholesome AYU meal daily from 12 to 1pm. We also serve herbal teas and health snacks as and when required.
Transportation to and from our center can be arranged. Since we are a day center, you will have to make stay arrangements by yourself. We will be happy to assist you with finding a suitable place to stay.



90 minutes Health Check and Consultation
90 minutes Personal Nutrition Session
60 minutes Life Counseling Session
30 min Advanced energy balance session X 4
90 minutes Marma therapy x 15
30 minutes Shiro treatment x 15
Special Health Magnets
Daily AYU Herbal Teas
Daily nutritious and wholesome AYU Meal
Daily roundtrip shuttle within 15 kms radius of AYU center
Complimentary home use AYU head and body oils valued at THB 2400.


COST = THB 165,750