AYU Chronic Cures
The Total Rejuvenation Program
General information


AYU Chronic Cures Program treats chronic  health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, allergies, addiction, depression, constipation, insomnia, knee pain, cervical pain, hip pain, high blood pressure and post surgery rehabilitation that have a long duration. Chronic health conditions generally have a progressive nature that compels the patient to go on with heavy medication probably all through their life.  Chronic Health Conditions may also set in due to our prolonged exposure to Electro Magnetic Radiation or EMR.   We are exposed to high frequency EMR while using our mobile phones, laptop computers, microwave ovens, wifi routers. Other electrical appliances also emit EMR in lower frequency.If you start experiencing any or all of these symptoms like headaches, sensitive eyes, stiff neck and shoulders, earaches, craving for sweets and stimulants, constipation, anxiety and irritability, you will immensely benefit from AYU Chronic Cures program.

Chronic Cures Program Treats the following health conditions

ArthritisInfertilityNervous disorders
AllergiesInsomniaPost surgery rehabilitation
AddictionBlood pressureWeight management
DepressionDiabetesStress management
ConstipationMenstrual disorders
Program Objectives
Dhatu Pushti Chikitsa – to strengthen body tissues through herbal medicine.

Sroto Shodhan Chikitsa – to cleanse body channels of ama (toxins) so that the nutrient plasma could flow properly

Rasayana Chikitsa – to improve energy levels and maintain overall health

Procedure :

There are mainly five types of treatment sessions. Some of these sessions are conducted daily, while others are included as and when needed.

1. Complete Health Check 

This is the first step in the program. This is a  comprehensive 90 minute Complete Health Check and Consultation  by an experienced and certified Ayurvedic Doctor. (You are encouraged to bring along your x-rays and other medical and blood reports.) Based on the diagnosis and findings in this session, a detailed and personalized treatment plan is suggested.

2. 120 minutes Marma Basti  Sessions 

Marma refers to a sensitive part of the body. In Ayurveda, it is a point in the human body that’s located at the intersections of veins, muscles, joints, bones, ligaments or tendons. Basti refers to a “container” that can hold warm therapeutic oil infused with healing herbs. In Basti therapy generous quantity of oil is poured and collected over important joints or areas of the body, namely Lower back(Kati Basti), Neck (Greeva Basti), Chest, Knees (Janu Basti) and Lower abdomen (Udara Basti). This oil is held by a “wall’ made from special herbal powders. Warm oil is usually placed for 30-40 minutes.

Bastis are unparalleled therapies for alleviating painful, degenerative health conditions.The oils and herbs used for various bastis are personalised.

At AYU Center, Basti treatments are combined with head and body treatment. Around 250 ml warm oil infused with rich herbs is used in combination with special fresh rice and milk bundles to bring forth a deeply rejuvenate response from the body’s nervous system. Techniques, treatment rhythm and applied pressure are all personalised to meet your health needs.

Benefits include :

• Relieving pain and stiffness
• Relieving swelling and inflammation in the bones and soft tissues
• Strengthening the muscles concerned
• Enhancing blood supply to the area where the basti is applied.

3.  30 minutes Nadi Chikitsa or Advanced Energy Balance Sessions by Dr. Rajeev Marwah

Energy balance is based on an ancient healing system. Our body’s surface has energy points and corresponding energy lines or meridians. These 14 major lines contain a colorless, free-flowing, non-cellular fluid which conveys electrical energy throughout the body. Modern science has mapped these circuits through advanced technology to track them thermally, electronically and radioactively. Thus our body carries both positive and negative electromagnetic circuits also called body polarity.Energy balancing is done by tracing the body’s meridians in its natural direction or backwards, depending on whether that meridian needs to be stimulated or sedated in order to readjust to its state of natural balance.Pulse point balancing is used to realign major energy centers in the body. Each energy center has vital pulse points associated with it that work in rhythmic unison with one another. The specialist holds these points lightly until they are synchronized or in a state of balance.

Benefits are :

  • Physical and emotional  balance of the body
  • Relaxes muscles in the body
  • Greatly improves energy flow in the body
  • Enhanced Immunity,Digestion, Sleep quality, Breathing

4.  60 minute Nutrition and Life Coaching Sessions conducted by an experienced and Certified Doctor of Holistic Medicine.

5. Detox Procedure (Panchakarma) – This includes special nutrition regimen as well as preparation of fresh juices to aid in the detoxification process.  The main objective is to  cleanse  the body channels of ama (toxins) so that the nutrient plasma can flow properly. This is called “Sroto Shodhan” . Through proper preparation and administration,  toxic salts, cholesterol, cysts, stones, pigments, fibre, pesticide residue and cellulite can be eliminated from the body. These  toxic materials can get deeply lodged in the small intestines, large intestines, gallbladder, liver, kidney and skin, over years of wrong eating habits and hectic lifestyle. Benefits include:

  • Improved digestion and metabolism
  • Enhanced energy level.
  • Improved flexibility in the neck, knees and lower back.
  • Reduced swelling and puffiness in the body
  • Improved emotional well-being


We offer complimentary nourishing lunch daily and use this opportunity to share important Ayurvedic food regimen.

Transportation Service

We offer complimentary round trip transportation service within 15 kms radius of our Center.

Approximate Program Cost

Chronic Health Conditions normally require 60 hours of therapy over 15 days.

The approximate cost for a 15 day program, inclusive of all of the above is THB 167,000 net.
Through a combination of all the above mentioned elements and our years of experience in treating chronic health conditions, tangible improvements in your health and energy is assured.


We are happy to assist you in finding the right accomodation of your choice near our Center.



90 minutes Health Check and Consultation
90 minutes Personal Nutrition Session
60 minutes Life Counseling Session
30 min Advanced Energy Balance Session X 4
90 minutes Marma Therapy x 15
30 minutes Shiro treatment x 15
Special Health Magnets

Detox Set

Daily AYU Herbal Teas
Daily nutritious and wholesome AYU Meal
Daily roundtrip shuttle within 15 kms radius of AYU center
Complimentary home use AYU head and body oils valued at THB 2400.

COST = THB 167,000 net