Discover Health Benefits of Energy Balance
    With certified and renowned Ayurvedic Experts

    Energy Balance Session

    Energy balance is based on an ancient healing system. Our body’s surface has energy points and corresponding energy lines or meridians. These 14 major lines contain a colorless, free-flowing, non-cellular fluid which conveys electrical energy throughout the body. Modern science has mapped these circuits through advanced technology to track them thermally, electronically and radioactively. Thus our body carries both positive and negative electromagnetic circuits also called body polarity.

    Energy balancing is done by tracing the body’s meridians in its natural direction or backwards, depending on whether that meridian needs to be stimulated or sedated in order to readjust to its state of natural balance.

    Pulse point balancing is used to realign major energy centers in the body. Each energy center has vital pulse points associated with it that work in rhythmic unison with one another. The specialist holds these points lightly until they are synchronized or in a state of balance.

    Health Benefits

    • Works on overall balance of the body – physically and emotionally.
    • Very effective in treating EMR syndrome or office syndrome
    • Relaxes muscles in the body
    • Greatly improves energy flow in the body

    Cost = THB 5,500 ( 30 minutes session)

    Price : THB 5,500 for a 30 minute session