Timeless wisdom for today

Ayurveda is simply a Holistic Way of Life. Holistic means balance in every area of our life and seeing ourselves in our entirety – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Ayurveda teaches us  that everything within us and around us is Energy. Correctly understanding its dynamics helps us enjoy perfect health. Introduction to Ayurveda is an opportunity to re-discover your real potential and enjoy a life of vitality and awareness.


  • 90 minute AYU Health Check – consultation and evaluation session with a certified doctor of natural medicine
  • 90 minute AYU body treatment with dosha specific oil and herbs to suit body type
  • 30 AYU head treatment with warm herbal oil personalised to your body type
  • Special health magnets during treatments
  • Healthy refreshments and herbal tea
  • Round trip shuttle with 15 kms radius of AYU Center



Special Introductory Price USD 299
Valid for confirmed reservations made via the internet