Knee Pain Treatment at AYU
Effective cure for knee related health conditions
General Information

The problem of knee joint pain is equally encountered by men and women. Knee pain may occur due to some injury, old age, stiffness, and injuries to tendons and bursa or because of some conditions like :

  •  Arthritis of knee – painful stiffness & inflammation
  • Bursitis of the knee – inflammation of bursa
  • Tendinitis of the knee – inflammation of tendon
  • Blood flow into the knee
  • Misalignment of the pelvis causing knee pain

Knee treatment sessions at AYU are 120 minutes long. Depending upon the severity of the health condition a total treatment plan is suggested in consultation with you for lasting relief and rejuvenation.


Treatment Benefits

At AYU, we use our experience and knowledge of ancient and tested methods of ayurveda, aromatherapy, acupressure, magnet applications and meridians to relieve knee pain. Around 300 ml of finest quality transdermal oils formulated according to Ayurvedic principles is applied on the knee marma. Freshly prepared rice, milk and herbal potalis or boluses are used for rejuvenation. A complete body and head treatment is given using marma therapy, acupressure point, hook in back up, spinal flush, palm pressure, kneading and other naturally effective techniques, focusing on :

  • Strengthening the weak muscles with special focus on quadriceps and hamstring muscle group
  • Stomach, spleen, urinary bladder, liver, gall bladder and kidney meridians as these may affect the knee.
  • Reducing pain and stiffness of the knee joint
  • Reducing swelling and water retention in the knee
  • Increasing blood circulation in the knee, legs and pelvic region
  • Eliminating toxic salts naturally
  • Realigning the pelvis

Our Uniqueness

AYU center operates under the guidance of highly experienced and certified practitioners, Drs. Rajeev and Suchada Marwah. We have made a sincere and dedicated effort to present the essence of Ayurveda in a new light – making it simple and suited for today’s health needs. Education plays a pivotal role and, with intensive training in Ayurveda and other holistic healing techniques, our team is qualified and ready to offer the best healthcare program that suits your needs. Our treatments are authentic and supported by on-going research in this field. Likewise, our treatment products are natural and certified. All these factors help create a unique and effective experience.


We work closely with participating hotels and resorts to offer the best prices for accommodation and meals during your stay. We are pleased to offer a complimentary return transfer service within 15 km radius of AYU center should you enroll in our treatment program.  Transfers for greater distances may be arranged, when required.

Treatment Cost

First visit: 3.5 hour session inclusive of 90 minutes health check and consultation with an experienced and certified specialist followed by 120 minutes knee marma treatment.

Cost : THB 12,400.


You may opt to sign up for the complete program which includes the following:


  • 90 minutes health check and consultation with an experienced and certified specialist
  • 120 minutes knee marma treatment x 3 sessions
  • Complimentary AYU herbal teas and health refreshments x 3
  • Complimentary round trip shuttle service within 15 km radius of AYU center x 3

Discounted Program Cost : THB 27,000



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Sharon Hart review for Rajeev Suchada AYU Center

The Ayu specialized treatment program for a month and a half my energy and vitality increased 75%

Sharon Hart Co-Founder of Coherent Coaching Institute AYU Total Rejuvenation Program April 16, 2014

I came to Chiang Mai with my entire family, for all of us to do the Ayurveda treatment program with Dr. Rajeev in November of 2013.  My energy and vitality were so low that I had to fly to three separate cities from the U.S. because I could not make the 20 hour direct flight to Bangkok and then Chiang Mai. I also suffered from a severe balance disorder, with symptoms of chronic fatigue and Continue Reading