Spine Treatment at AYU Center
Effective cure for spine related health conditions
General information

Spine is made up of 33 individual bones called vertebra that interlock with each other to form a spinal column. The top 24 bones are movable. The cervical spine or upper back area supports the weight of the head.  Thoracic (mid back) – holds the rib cage and protects the heart and lungs. Lumbar (lower back) bears the weight of the body. Sacrum connects the spine to the hip bones (iliac). Coccyx region provides attachment for ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor.Ligaments are strong fibrous bands that hold the vertebrae together, stabilize the spine, and protect the discs.

Strong muscles and correct posture maintains the natural curvature of the spine.

The two main muscle groups that affect the spine are extensors and flexors. The extensors are at the back of the spine and stabilize it. The flexor muscles are in the front and include the abdominal muscles. The back muscles stabilize your spine.

Excess body weight, especially a large belly, weak muscles, low bone density and back injuries can cause changes in the spine’s alignment:

  • An abnormal curve of the lumbar spine is lordosis, also called sway back.
  • An abnormal curve of the thoracic spine is kyphosis, also called hunchback.
  • An abnormal curve from side-to-side is called scoliosis.

AYU spine treatment is effective in providing tangible benefits especially in treating sway back, hunch back and spinal scoliosis.

Spine Treatment focus on :

  • Strengthening the weak muscles on the Pelvic floor, focusing on Glutenus Medius, Glutenus Maximus, Piriformis, Sartorius, Gracilis and Teres Minormuscle group. 
  • Increasing blood circulation in the pelvic region and spinal column by the use of herbs and oils. This increases flexibility, strength and mobility of the spine
  • Use of freshly prepared herbal potalis infused with rice grains, herbs, and milk for spinal rejuvenation
  • Full body and head treatment employing effective techniques like marma point therapy, spinal flush, kneading, palm pressure etc.
  • Special spinal adjustment and body alignment sessions starting from the feet, knee, hip and neck
  • Marma basti sessions with hot oil focus on major energy centers of the back (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) , sternum (chest), stomach and knees.
  • Working on marma pulse points in the head region for balance

Approximately  30 -35 hours of treatments are required to see significant improvement. Treatments are organized in sessions, with each session lasting  2-3 hours. In some cases, we conduct 2 sessions per day. However, this varies with each individual.

Some people may require more than 35 treatment hours.  Factors that need to be considered are the person’s age, current health condition and lifestyle.

It is best to start with a comprehensive 90 minutes health examination and consultation with an experienced specialist in order to get a personalized and total health plan.


We work closely with participating hotels and resorts to offer the best prices for accommodation and meals during your stay. We are pleased to offer a complimentary return transfer service within 15 km radius of AYU center  should you enrol in our treatment program.  Transfers for greater distances may be arranged, when required.

Treatment Cost

We charge as follows : 
1. 120 minutes AYU treatment sessions  = THB 7,500 (approx USD 225). 
2.  60 minutes advanced spinal adjustment sessions with Dr. Rajeev Marwah = THB 7,500. 
Prices are  inclusive of all treatment materials, oils, boluses, one healthy wholesome meal daily, herbal teas and round trip shuttle to and from AYU center ( within 15 kms radius).
The final program price may show variation from person to person depending on the kind and number of sessions required. Usually, after 6-7 hours of treatment, you can assess the effectiveness of the treatments by noticing tangible benefits.

Are there any restrictions during the program?

You should refrain from any kind of physical exertion that may arise from activities like running, jogging, and swimming in cold water, rigorous sport, or weight lifting. Leisure walks are encouraged in a warm environment. Yogic breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques are also good. The use of TV, computers, and mobiles is not encouraged immediately after a treatment.Cold food, cold water, coffee, and alcohol are to be avoided after a treatment. Not following the above guidance may result in a more severe “Healing Crisis”.

What is a Healing Crisis?

A “Healing Crisis” is a normal, temporary condition in which a person may experience symptoms like fever, headache, tiredness, frequent urination, running nose, increased appetite, or increased thirst after a treatment. It is best to allow your body to go through the entire “Healing Crisis”, as the body is undergoing positive changes at a deeper level.  Usually these positive changes are permanent in nature, if one continues to maintain a lifestyle in harmony with your basic nature.


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