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AYU Client Testimonial

Dr. Zeljko Milovanovic, MD – San Francisco, California

I will never forget when Dr. Rajeev stated at our first intake appointment - "We will try to make this the best week of your life" - well the 1 week treatment at the Ayu Center sure lived up to its promise; I came with the main expectation to improve my physical well being; little did I know that in 1 week I would leave as a completely rejuvenated and reconnected person on all levels of being; it is over 1 year now and I still feel the benefits from my healing that occurred during that time. I was truly impressed how Dr. Rajeev and Dr. Suchada are able to gently open the door to self healing; on top of that their ancillary staff is extremely proficient in the traditional methods. Being an integrative health professional myself I learned a lot about the ever evolving Ayurvedic medicine and certainly enjoyed AYU Center's highest standards. I am really looking forward to coming back! Thank you Rajeev and Suchada.

Zeljko Milovanovic, MD
San Francisco, California

Frank Chura

Mr. Frank Chura Retired Executive, U.S. Airforce, NATO

I came to Rajeev and Suchada Marwah’s Ayurvedic Treatment Center for my initial evaluation more than two years ago, sort of a last resort.  I had been treated by western practitioners at various clinics for 30+ years for  eight registered disabilities including joint replacements, diabetes, arthritis, lumbar degeneration, and more.  I was using a walker and a wheel chair to go shopping.

I had just gotten into remission from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after completing extended protocols of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

My immune system was seriously depleted. I had been put into intensive care for life threatening infections, I think three times within six months.

I had lost some mental acuity and physical dexterity.

I was a very old seventy nine year old and putting things in order before my passing.  Not all that has changed, but the most important things have.

When I am in the USA I drive. – cautiously but safely.  I use a shopping cart for stability at supermarkets and malls. I walk a half mile without assistance.  I am more mentally alert and productive. My friends,acquaintances and relatives are unanimously impressed by my more healthy aura. My wife attests to my restored sense of humor. Younger friends and strangers are less solicitous.

My prescribed medications are still necessary, but the dosages are less, especially those that are potentially destructive.  That includes pain killing narcotics and diabetes medications that threaten other organs.

Western medicine is, of course, partially responsible.  But the doctors there were always concerned more with treating symptoms, not the origins of my afflictions.  AYU remedies have improved circulation in critical areas, increased range of motion in shoulders,hips,lumbar discs, and improved meditation techniques.  I do not see a cardiologist.


So now I give my thanks to the Drs. Marwah, their staff, and to Guner, my wife and caregiver for these many years…LOL. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Mr. Frank Chura

Retired Executive, U.S. Airforce, NATO


Frank before pic Mr. Frank (Before)

Sharon Hart, Co-Founder of Coherent Coaching Institute

I came to Chiang Mai with my entire family, for all of us to do the Ayurveda treatment program with Dr. Rajeev in November of 2013.  My energy and vitality were so low that I had to fly to three separate cities from the U.S. because I could not make the 20 hour direct flight to Bangkok and then Chiang Mai. I also suffered from a severe balance disorder, with symptoms of chronic fatigue and mental confusion for which U. S. doctors had no answer or effective treatments.

After going through The Ayu specialized treatment program for a month and a half my energy and vitality increased 75% and I underwent a rejuvenation which youthened me about 15 years and also reawakened my spirituality! 

As I test of my new found strength, I was able to climb a nearby mountain--with a thousand, vertical concrete steps to the summit--to visit the Buddhist shrines there.  I made this climb on 5 hours of sleep and no breakfast!  An amazing feat for a 72 year old woman who previously had trouble getting out of bed and walking.  Thank you  and bless you Drs. Rajeev and Suchada for restoring my life to me!

Bret Carr, Movie Director

“This Beautiful Husband and Wife Ayurvedic Dr. Team are the real deal. Much more than Ayurveda, or perhaps… exactly what ayurveda used to be, they are INTIMATELY involved in my life even though i have left the premises feeling a definitive intuitive directive has been placed in my heart to keep the balance the Drs. guided me towards, with energy, nutritional, ayurvedic and cosmic science. THANK YOU!  Love, Bret ”


Albert Sainte-Caterine (Director, SMCR-GAZ)

Thank you again for my stay in your center. Since my stay, I have felt no pain in the neck despite my sports activities, I went back to playing sports and set up my nutritional regimen. Also, I have no more real headache. I speak about my treatment and many are surprised and interested, starting with my doctor.

Albert Sainte-Caterine

Directeur D'exploitation, SMCR-GAZ


Mrs. Monique Perotti

I kwam bij dokter Rajeev door mijn zoon en ik wist niet precies wat me te wachten stond. Ik was aan het eind van mijn latijn. Ik heb de hele behandeling gedaan met dokter Rajeev. Ik ben nu klaar en het leven is weer zo als het was toen ik jong was. Wat een ervaring!! Lachen, huilen, pijn en dan paradijs! Een must. Dank u dokter Rajeev en uw geweldige staf.

My son sent me to doctor Rajeev and I didn't know exactly what to expect. I was so tired, everything was grey in my life. I did the whole treatment with Dr. Rajeev and my life feels like I am young again. What an experience!! Laughing, crying, pain and then paradise!! A must!! A must for every human being who wants to understand an other way of treating depression or just feeling great again!! Thank you so much for this great experience!!

Thank you so much dr Rajeev and amazing staff for your understanding and  high competence.


Lea Linster (Luxembourgian Chef, Gold Medalist 1989)

Dear Dr.Rajeev and Dr. Suchada,

I owe my nicest part to you. I am the original "ME "again . Thanks to you. I am very excited to be back again and I probably will bring my best friend with me. I am so grateful that you gave me back the creative side of my brain, makes my life so much richer. So far I eat every day a warm cooked breakfast and respect as far as possible what I learned with you about food. Love to be back soon ,

With my best regards and my brightest smile ,


Mukti Michael Buck , Founder of Vedic Conservatory

Gratitute & Respect ! The fires of interest, the seeds of renewal have been planted
By Suchada & Rajeev, good graces. I look forward to continued connections.



A beautiful , relaxing space. Everyone was very kind and professional. I am very grateful to have found this center. Thank you !

-Alexa Arielle Berman

What Clinic.com

It gives me great pleasure to say that your clinic has been awarded the Customer Service Award again this year, 2015.

The Times

Extremely professional

Every treatment I had was amazing

The Times Of India

Every treatment I had was amazing

Aura Vaught

Thank You Suchada for an excellent class.Looking forward to studying with you in the future. We so appreciate the food,love, commitment and teachings. Everything was amazing.

Aura Vaught
Yoga Instructor

Muriel Duncan

Very thorough teachings. Suchada is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher. Thank you so much.

Muriel Duncan
Licensed Massage Therapist

Suzanne Mc Lemore

Fantastic presentation. Easy to understand. Loved the food and tender care given to each of us. Loved the charts and energy exercises. Felt at home here. Thank you so much for everything.

Suzanne Mc Lemore
Massage Therapist

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This has been such an amazing experience. It has helped bring so much more balance in my life in such and short time. Thank you with most sincere gratitude.

-Samantha Sue

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Susan’s testimonial

This was first class treatment delivered by a dedicated team.   

The herbal oil treatments were wonderful but there was so much more to the programme than the physical aspect.  I learned about my doshas and how to re-balance them, and how that helps bring balance in life.  In fact, I learned a great deal about the science of ayurveda and am immensely grateful to Rajeev and Suchada for their expertise and understanding.

Susan Robinson

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Momrajchawong Vibhanand Rangsit

"The cleansing course has been meticulously planned out and conducted, no details left out. I appreciate all the explanations before each step of the treatment. The treatment is custom made for each patient which is what makes it special. It has been a very special experience. Thanks Dr. Rajeev and all the staff."

Momrajchawong Vibhanand Rangsit

Wyn Clayton

Dear Dr. Rajeev,

I wanted to thank you for the treatments, the knowledge and experience which you have offered. I'm really grateful to have met you. You are probably one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. Your wife and yourself have created something truly unique and wonderful and I hope more people could see and experience the treatments you offer. I'll put what you taught me into practice and I hope to see you in the near future. 

Wyn Clayton


Rajeev Suchada and Team,

When I found your clinic I had very little hope that I would feel better, but after the wonderful treatment I can say that I am better and am looking forward to my future! Thank you for the caring and thoughtful service that you show your patients - it means so much. I really appreciate that you were kind enough to help me financially - may God bless you and every staff member in your clinic.

With a thankful heart, Aksinya

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Brianna Colon – Birth Chart Report

"Thank you so much for such a detailed, clarifying response. This is very useful and much appreciated! I admire your understanding and ability to communicate it. Hopefully someday I will be able to come back and study under you further. In the meantime, so much gratitude for your generous time and explanations. This is more than I had hoped for. Thank you so much!

---Brianna Colon

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Miriam Bresler

"Wonderful massage. therapist has marvelous touch, great training, making for excellent experience. Really perfect."

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Gregory Fermanian

1. "Very peaceful place where you feel inspired."

2. "Team friendly and well trained."

3. "Professional therapist - excellent massage and treatment and sense of patient behavior."

4. After 2 days treatments - feel re-balance and re-charge to give more of yourself to life."



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"I truly enjoyed it and felt so relaxed."

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"I appreciate the hot herbal tea and the chance to talk about how my weak have gone. A wonderful experience. Thank you Dr. Rajeev."

Shari Brown

"This was a great treatment. I didn't think it was possible for Aun to get any better, but the whole treatment has been taken to a higher level. I like the eye cloth it didn't slip. Head massage was probably the best ever. Excellent treatment! The hand massage was particularly good, the way the therapist pinched the sides of my hands was very good. Thank you."

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"This is what i miss during the past two years. I will have to come back for more treatments. Thank you so much. A very good treatment and experience."

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Emma Calciaro

"I have learnt more than i ever expected and have finally taken the top i needed to get to the next stage of my life. I cannot thank you all enough."

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"Dear Rajeev and Suchada,

I wanted to thank you again for your help and your expertise and your patience. I'm very grateful. You make a great team.

Much Love,


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"When i found your clinic, i had very little hope that i would feel better, but after the wonderful treatment i can say that i am better and looking forward to my future! Thank you for the caring and thoughtful service that you show your patients - it means so much. I really appreciate that you were kind enough to help me financially - may God bless you and every staff member  in your clinic. With a thankful heart."

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"It's been 4 weeks since you treated me and i'm indeed observing material benefits. I feel less tiresome, have a cleaner mind, and generate substantially less mucus and no longer shore. However, still experiencing overweight tendencies and irresistible peeing urges."

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Killian G. MacDonald

"My experience here was fantastic. I was constantly amazed by the center's flexibility and truly loving care of all patients. Every questions from my insatiable curiosity was answered with so much attention that I'm not just leaving healthier but so much more knowledgeable about taking care of myself on my own."

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Usanee Nuchanong

"Dr. Rajeev gives a lot of information for us. I found that great to be able to ask as many questions that i like and he is willing to answer them."

Inga Zimpfer

"Staffs are very friendly and excellent treatments!"

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"An amazing place to recover energy, health, will of living in peace and happiness. Real, deep treatments which take into account any of your minor or serious health and emotional problems. The best way to get confidence in yourself and ability to be happy."

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"I discovered something very interesting for my own knowledge up to Dr. Rajeev who knows so many things - unluckily, I discovered only a very small part of it. I appreciate persons who listen carefully and explain well."

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Shirley Liu

"Excellent treatment. Good energy in the room and the whole environment. Wonderful treatment my pain is going away and feels my body back again. Feel sad the last day of my treatment. Hope I will come and have another wonderful treatment in AYU Rajeev Suchada. Much love."

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Michael McDowell

"Very well organized, efficient use of visual aids. Providing tea and lunch, continued exploration of the practice. Personal and tangible experience."

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Catherine Jayani Lang

"Material was presented in a clear understandable manner. Working with each person to understand their pukruti and dosha made it applicable to the individual, giving us ways we can begin to change in successful ways was great."

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Muriel Duncan

"Very thorough teachings. Suchada is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher. A treat to have spent sometime here during our stay in Chiangmai. Thank you so much."

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Blakely Parent

"Thank you! Very clear and consistent presentation. Wish it could have been longer."

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Jamie Gerhard

"I wish we could of spent more time learning. It was very wonderful and informative. Highly enjoyed my time in your beautiful place. I am very interested in experiencing more ayurvedic holistic treatments."

Aura Vaught

"Thank you Suchada for an excellent class. Looking forward to working with and studying with you in the future. We so appreciate the food, love, commitment and teachings. Only thing I would want more of is herbal tea. Everything was amazing!"

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Charlene Gaffrey

"I enjoyed all of the interactive exercises the most. I learn more by doing. Thank you!"

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Elizabeth Tantanella

"Very comfortable, professional and inviting atmosphere. The staff is very kind and respectful, the teachers are incredibly knowledgeable. I wish there was more time to just ask questions and learn as much as we can in a short time."

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Suzanne McLemore

"Fantastic presentation. Easy to understand. Loved the food and tender care given to each of us. Liked the charts and the energy exercises. Felt "at home" here. Thank you so much for everything."

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Brianna Colon

"The lunches, tea and water were all so appreciated and wonderful! It was nice to see these principles integrated in a way that seemed easy and enjoyable. The information taught in class was also delicious. I did not come with an Ayurvedic background like others did and instead I had the text to read the night before the first class, but it was wonderful to have the look for the second day. These concepts are much bigger than can be reduced to a chart! I am very impressed by the information the way you were able to summarize things in the book."

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Alyssa Lee

Definitely interested in courses and would like to know more.

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Taylor Schulte

Great presentation. It was very accessible for me as total beginner to ayurveda. Thank you!

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Alison Hutchinson

Beautiful space. Everyone was so lovely. Very informative presentation and so open to all questions.

Mr. Gottfried Auer

I appreciate that Dr. Rajeev takes a lot time to explain and talk not like western doctors. Treatment is good, hope the improvement lasts long time.

Mr. Marc Perotti

Truly one of the best way to improve your life in any aspect. Treatments have to be the best out there. Everything perfect.

Claire Moran

The treatments & level of care were incredible. I left with a clear idea of what i needed to work on & how to make myself stronger.

Mr. Michel Perotti

C'était une expérience enrichissante. La douleur qu'on éprouve parfois est nécessaire. C'est une bonne douleur mais quel résultat final!

Merci docteur Rajeev.

It is a must to do this a lifetime experience!!

Mr. Nathan Richer

I have absolutely no criticism. The staff was professional, polite and made you feel comfortable in what was a vulnerable time. The treatments and results were fantastic and i feel they will set me up and follow my true path. I will be forever grateful!

Ms. Maytita Thoopkrajae

It opens my mind about maintaining good health. I never felt something was wrong until I met Dr. Rajeev. I would recommend this place to any close friends if they have time. Thank you also for the staff here who have been taking good care of me and my mom.

Ms. Usanee Nuchanong

P. Pim is such a great therapist. I am glad to have her all 7 days. Dr. Rajeev gives me a lot of information to digest. Dr. Suchada, thank you for the lovely afternoon. You energy just amazes me and also inspires me as well. Thanks for being there and sharing your wisdom. I really appreciate what you two and your team and therapist do.

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Ms. Lauren Boiros

I've really enjoyed my treatments & new discoveries during my healing journey. This experience has connected me more deeply to Ayurvedic medicine, & for that, I am grateful with gratitude.

Ms. Patcharee Lertkumpesil

I am very surprise to see that the cysts in my breast are smaller and some are gone after the treatment! Everybody here are so kind and helpful. We are very impress in the treatment. Thank you very much for the heart-warming treatment of Dr. Rajeev and all the staffs.

Mrs. Nonglak Lertkumpesil

Thank you for everything. The staffs are very kind and helpful.

Ms. Lexie Pieters

Very painful treatment but if that is what it takes then i will be happy. Great service and very friendly professional atmosphere.

Ms. Nicola Escott

Over the last 30 years, I have had many Ayurvedic treatments (Panchakarma) and found it very beneficial. I thought I was very clean and didn't have many toxins, but this treatment at the AYU Center showed me many problems that had not been addressed by standard panchakarma. The AYU Center system is unique yet deeply rooted in the tradition from which Ayurveda springs (the vedic tradition). It seems no address the more stubborn health problems - in my case these were recurring water retention, large fibroid and a bloated belly. Hard lumps in my lymphatic system have largely gone after the treatment - about 75% gone. I look forward to seeing the results with my digestion. It is early days.

Mr. Oswald Schwirtz-New Chairman World Press Photo Supervisory Board

A wonderful uplifting experience, in a beautiful surrounding with a lovable team. Many thanks.